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About Bestway CustomsWelcome to Bestway Customs where we specialize in transforming dreams into Reality!

Building a useful and practical custom bike is not always as straight forward as you may think. A lot of bikes that you see on the tube certainly look and sound amazing…but the reality is you will never see them hammering down an outback highway or hugging great ocean roads because they just can’t do it…and the main reason is rego! I don’t have to tell you, what good is a 100k scoot if when your mates say ‘let’s go for a blast down the coast’, or ‘Hey it’s going to be a great weekend lets head out west for a road trip!’ or even ‘let’s go down the pub for a beer’ you reply ‘Sick, let’s do it! All I need to do is hook up the trailer, load my bike and I’ll catch you there…’ L L Fail.

A lot goes into the design, planning and building of a custom bike. At Bestway Customs, we consider every aspect of the design process that we can think of before any parts are ordered, or a spanner is spun. We don’t claim to know everything…but then who does? However, thanks to ongoing feedback from our customers we are constantly learning, improving and refining our builds in all areas. If it weren’t for their high expectations and need for each build to be better than the last, we wouldn’t get the opportunity to do it time and time again!

Our philosophy is to help the client turn their dream ride into a reality. This means working closely with the customer in creating a show quality bike that suits their practical needs and riding style. We have proven time and time again that it is possible to own a bike that will both ‘putt’ through a school zone and ‘wring it’s neck’ when the opportunity arises. A bike that you can RIDE to a show…and win a trophy! (Make sure you take a mate with a car…will come in handy when you need to take your trophies home!)About Bestway Customs

At Bestway Customs, we aim to provide honest and reliable advice about what parts to use, based on our experience and feedback from our customers so that after you pick up your new bike, you don’t have to worry about the inevitable ‘random’ vehicle inspection ruining your day (and your wallet!). By utlising the very latest technology, thanks to our never-ending R&D on our bikes and the same commitment from our suppliers, and using a little bit of common sense and some creative thought during the planning stages these annoying side-road encounters will be nothing more than a minor distraction before you are back on the black stuff rippin’ it up!

Lots of talented bike builders create prize winning, mind-blowing customs – a damn good thing, don’t get me wrong! – we all love a trick ride but at Bestway Customs we believe that the essence of perfection is not as simple as throwing a ‘bucket load of fun tickets’ into a bike that may as well be used to hold your coffee in your lounge room cause it can’t be ridden…legally anyway! Hanging out in the garage with friends admiring it will get old and boring real fast. You need to experience the wind in your face, bugs in your teeth, dodging pot holes and the odd Skippy so you have something to yarn about at your local watering hole.

What makes Bestway Customs different from our competitors is our practice of incorporating ‘functionality’ into each custom bike we build. Matching the design to ‘fit like a glove’ and become an extension of the rider to create the most enjoyable riding experience possible. Additionally, each component that goes into every project is road tested on our bikes and hand selected to enhance the package as a whole…not just a few cool show pieces to give a custom appearance.

Take a tour of our www. and see what we do and how we do it, feel free to drop us a line if you see something that excites you!

Bestway Customs and Choppers

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